We Golden. You Golden. Stay Golden.

WeGolden Productions

WEGolden Productions

Our Vision

”To be a voice for females in media and highlight diversity of Asian Americans through filmmaking.”

Three Women. Three diverse backgrounds.

One Goal: To Empower Female Asian Americans.

WeGolden is first and foremost about empowering ourselves, and empowering others. As an Asian American, I felt subjected to labels and stereotypes when I never fit into any of them. I was confused about my identity my entire life and didn’t know who I was or where I belonged. As a female, I felt my worth and power were taken away from me before I even claimed it. Through WeGolden, I look forward to being moved, inspired, motivated and further curious about the conversations that will spark once WeGolden launches. We are all about community, embracing our authentic selves and being 100% unapologetic about it. Oh and, we’re not yellow, we golden. -Ami Park

As an artist trying to break through a tough industry, the Entertainment industry, I come across auditions that pigeonhole and categorize me into a one-dimensional, simplex character; something that I am far from. This is why us ladies came together with one goal in mind, to shatter the status quo’s and preconceptions Hollywood have of us. We are each our own person, and that is enough. We all have a story to tell and all come from different backgrounds and we need to share those stories so others can relate and know that they are not alone. With your support, we hope to make a dent in society and create a movement that will involve the community to embrace our individuality. -Angie Kim

"I'm a Korean American born in South Carolina, raised in the Middle East and as a result never felt fully accepted by my community. Not just identity issues, I dealt with cultural issues such as: trying to be the perfect, studious daughter in Academia and falling into a loveless arranged marriage. Despite the circumstances, I was able to surpass these obstacles and that is why I'm here today; to share my story with you. I truly believe art brings people together, and through filmmaking we are creating content through a females' perspective and introducing more Asian American voices in the media. Join us in our journey as we create moving art to not only be entertaining, but inspires to empower yourself and our community" -Geummy Lee